Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus is one of the most common causes of diarrhoea among infants and children. Adults can get sick too if being infected, but their signs and symptoms are usually milder than children have. The virus induces gastroenteritis and the infected persons will encounter watery diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever. There are no antiviral treatments available and symptoms will subside in about a week. However, it may lead to mild to severe dehydration, and death can be resulted. Therefore, monitoring hydration status of infants and young children and provision of sufficient fluid intake are essential.

Rotavirus is contagious among children and infection commonly happens in cool seasons. The virus is transmitted mainly via faecal-oral route, secondly via ingestion of contaminated food or water. In few cases, contact with contaminated objects can be a mean of transmission. Incubation period is rather short and is about 24-72 hours. Since the virus can survive for hours on human hands and for days on dry non-living objects(1), maintaining personal and hand hygiene, also food and environmental hygiene are important for infection control.

There are oral vaccines available to prevent such infection. Infants or young children are suggested to take 2-3 doses, depending on the brands of vaccines chosen. Side effects of the vaccines are usually mild, including restlessness, loss of appetite, cough, runny nose, vomiting and fever. For severe discomfort, please seek for medical consultation as soon as possible.

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