With an emphasis on early detection and treatment of heart disease and stroke, and the use of advanced technology to enable rapid and  non-invasive detection of these conditions, Pro-Cardio is committed to high quality, comprehensive, one-stop medical and diagnostic services. Our professional team includes specialists from the fields of cardiology, neurology, endocrinology and diabetology, dietetics, physical training and nursing. The multidisciplinary professionals strive to provide the best care to our clients.

Pro-Cardio is equipped with advanced non-invasive equipment for the comprehensive assessment of heart and brain blood vessels. In particular, the low radiation dual source  CT heart scanner detects sub-clinical coronary heart disease. To prevent life threatening diseases, we offer targeted screening programs that include global coronary and stroke risk profile assessment together with individualized non-invasive heart and brain blood vessels examinations. The findings will be explained to our clients by our on-site cardiologist or neurologist with complimentary medical advice during the same visit. Our clients will also be provided with a complimentary dietitian consultation and practical introduction to aerobic and resistance training. We also offer education programs to help our clients lead a healthier lifestyle, with a view to prevent heart disease and stroke. Pro-Cardio is truly a clinic-based one-stop shop for heart disease and stroke prevention.